Anaïs Collet

Anaïs Collet is a sociologist, a lecturer at the University of Strasbourg, a member of the research laboratory SAGE (Sociétés, Acteurs et Gouvernements en Europe – “Societies, Actors and Governments in Europe” – UMR 6373), and an associate researcher at INED (Institut National d’Études Démographiques – French Institute for Demographic Studies). Her research focuses on the gentrification of former working-class neighbourhoods, the transformation of the middle classes, residential mobility and the urban socialisation of children. She is also the author of Rester bourgeois. Les quartiers populaires, nouveaux chantiers de la distinction (La Découverte, 2015) and co-author (with Marie Chabrol, Matthieu Giroud, Lydie Launay, Max Rousseau and Hovig Ter Minassian) of Gentrifications (Éditions Amsterdam, 2016).

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