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Special Feature: Whose Bronx?

As New York City’s overheated real-estate market begins to affect the Bronx, researchers and memoirists are rejecting received wisdom about the borough’s crisis-ridden past and warning of new threats to the stability of its working-class neighborhoods.

In this special review feature, Aly Hassell comments on the historical documentary Decade of Fire, while Susan Saegert discusses the memoirs of two hard-fighting Bronx housing advocates.

Whose Bronx?: Decade of Fire Looks Back at a Complicated History of Neighborhood Abandonment and the Rise of Community Control in the South Bronx,

by Aly Hassell

Crisis Makes Heroes: Affordable Housing in New York City During and After a “Decade of Fire”,

by Susan Saegert

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Aly Hassell & Susan Saegert, « Special Feature: Whose Bronx? », Metropolitics, 2 July 2019. URL :

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