Dialogue on Mobility Between Françoise Dureau, Pierre Lannoy, Jean-Pierre Orfeuil and Thierry Ramadier. 1 : The Origins of a Field

vendredi 17 juillet 2020

As part of the 16th edition of the MSFS symposium “Spatial Mobilities, Methodologies for Data Collection and Analysis,” four experts (Françoise Dureau, Pierre Lannoy, Thierry Ramadier and Jean-Pierre Orfeuil) participated in a roundtable discussion on the evolution of the field of spatial mobility. Coming from different backgrounds and adopting different theoretical perspectives, these researchers took a retrospective look at how mobility emerged as a research topic in their respective fields. This discussion shed new light on the disciplinary singularities and transdisciplinary developments shaping mobilities research.

Voir en ligne : the Mobile Lives Forum

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