Simone Abram

Simone Abram is a reader at Durham and Leeds Metropolitan Universities. She has conducted ethnographic fieldwork on urban development in the UK and Norway, and participated in the PUCA (Plan Urbanisme, Construction, Architecture) programme “La Citoyenneté : formes d’engagement et enjeux de solidarité” (“Citizenship : forms of commitment and solidarity issues”) led by Agnès Deboulet. She is currently the director of the MSc in Energy and Society, in the Anthropology department at Durham University. Publications include Culture and Planning (Ashgate 2011), Rationalities of Planning (Ashgate 2002), which was co-authored with Jonathan Murdoch, and Anthropological Perspectives on Local Development (1998). She recently co-edited Elusive Promises : Planning in the Contemporary World with Gisa Weszkalnys.

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